Person Organization Fit

Welcome to my personal Web site. This is my way of staying connected both to those whom I know and with those I have not yet met but might share similar interests. In my professional career I have a passion for human resources, teaching, and higher education. 


I created this Web site to discuss my academic research. I am a recent doctoral graduate (2013)  from The College of William and Mary with a Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education Policy, Planning, and Leadership. My dissertation is entitled EXECUTIVE SEARCH FIRMS’ CONSIDERATION OF PERSON-ORGANIZATION FIT IN COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY PRESIDENTIAL SEARCHES. 

My focus is on human resources, higher education, and organizational culture with a special emphasis on Person-Organization Fit Theory as it relates to executive search firms and their recruitment processes in higher education. P-O Fit is broadly defined as the compatibility between people and organizations (Kristof, 1996). In the employee selection literature, P-O Fit is conceptualized as a match between an individual and organizational attributes. It is my hope to add a valuable contribution to the administrative presidential search literature in higher education.



Chris Turpin, Ph.D., SPHR